Audit Regular- CA Aarti Lahoti, applicable Nov 2020, May 2021, Nov 21

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Chapter No. Chapter Lecture Duration
1 Introduction to Auditing 1A 1:56:04
    1B 2:04:32
    1C 1:08:28
    2A 2:03:41
    2B 1:31:19
2 Basic Concept In Auditing 2C 0:34:24
    2D 1:58:06
    3A 2:00:43
    3B 1:35:55
3 Engagement Letter & Auditors report 3C 0:29:21
    3D 1:59:18
    4A 1:57:38
    4B 2:07:06
    4C 1:03:47
9 Company Auditors 4D 0:32:23
    5A 2:05:12
    5B 2:06:25
    5C 0:33:50
10 Power & Duties of Auditors 5D 1:26:44
    6A 2:05:43
11 Miscellaneous matters in company audit 6B 2:10:08
    6C 0:22:33
12 Company( Auditors report ) order 2016 6D 1:20:46
    7A 2:18:53
    7B 0:23:30
    8A 0:49:54
4 Risk Based Audit Approach 8B 1:12:31
    8C 2:12:09
    8D 1:56:16
5 Fraud & The Auditors Responsibility in the regards 8E 1:31:26
5 Risk Based Audit Approach 9A 2:08:30
    9B 1:03:51
6 Audit quality control,Audit planning & Audit documentation 9C 1:16:44
    9D 1:54:11
    9E 1:35:20
    10A 2:02:48
    10B 1:09:07
15 Audit of Co-operative society 10C 1:02:24
    10D 1:23:36
  SA 501 10E 0:24:56
    10F 0:24:42
  SA 505 10G 1:14:31
  SA 510 11A 0:49:06
  SA 520 11B 1:17:03
  SA 530 11C 1:50:38
    11E 1:40:05
7 Internal Controls 11F 0:24:07
    11G 1:31:56
    12A 1:02:47
  SA 540 12B 0:50:29
  SA 550 12C 0:50:45
  SA 560 12D 0:53:44
  SA 570 12E 1:15:27
  SA 580 12F 0:55:10
    13B 2:13:39
  SA 250 13C 0:48:02
  SA 265 13D 0:46:52
  SA 402 14B 0:48:34
  SA 600 14C 0:42:01
  SA 610 14E 0:39:12
  SA 620 15B 1:06:22
18 Standards on Auditing - Introduction 15C 0:34:09
  SA 710 15D 0:43:02
  SA 720 15E 0:32:33
14 Audit of Banks 15F 0:19:53
    15G 1:45:30
    16A 2:21:50
    16B 0:47:24
8 Audit in an automated environment 16C 1:09:37
    16D 1:33:04
17 Special Audit 16E 1:23:14
    17A 2:09:23
    17B 0:53:17
  Standards - Quick Revision 17C 1:03:30
  Chapter 1 to 8 Quick revision 17D 0:50:55
  Chapter 9 to 17 Quick revision 17E 0:44:34

Demo Lectures:

About the faculty:

CA Aarti Lahoti is a charismatic and dedicated faculty, sharing her knowledge about the subject of audit at CA Final and CA Intermediate with thousands of students for more than a decade.

Audit has always been a dreaded subject among the CA students fraternity, partly because of the paucity of concept-driven training techniques and partly due to lack of guidance on presentation aspects. Aarti Mam analysed this fear psychosis coupled with the general understanding among students that Audit is mere theory. She wanted to bridge this wide gap since she always loved the subject of audit since the onset of her personal CA journey.   

The USP of her classes is the charts she makes in the class while explaining the concepts and also the interlinking and detailed analysis of the Standards on Auditing. After attending the classes, students have a change in their outlook towards the subject as they develop interest and clear understanding of the subject, which eventually contributes to tackle the CA exams.

Over the years, Aarti Mam has got rave reviews for her practical yet amusing approach to teaching. Her unique pedagogy interspersing practical insights for conceptual clarity with mnemonics wherever needed for retention has made her a favourite among students. Her fundamentally sound concepts have been instrumental in laying good building blocks for students and she is widely regarded as the most dynamic faculty for Audit across India. Through video lectures & virtual classes, she has reached out to CA students from KASHMIR to KANYAKUMARI.

Change is the not the only constant. Her deep-rooted passion for teaching is the other constant. Here we present CA AARTI LAHOTI LIVE CLASSES.   

Note: A. S. Foundation is not responsible to provide service in case of violation of above Terms and Conditions.

In case of violation of above Terms and Conditions.

Product reviews (3)

30 September 2020

Memory techniques given by her are very helpful and it makes theory subject like audit easier.

30 September 2020

Aarti Mam is the best teacher for Audit, her teaching style is very unique and I will take my CA final classes for audit from her only.

5 October 2020

I would recommend everyone preparing for CA intermediate to take Aarti Ma'am's classes for Audit Regular.Simply the best.

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